Dog Poop Pickup & Removal

We service all types of residences from mansions to apartments and everything in-between. We clean the back, front and side yards, monitor the healthiness of your dog’s poop and always haul the waste away with us. It never gets left in your trash bins—unless you insist! Pricing is determined by number of dogs, frequency of visits, time since last cleanup and size of area to be cleaned. And, yes, we like to leave a healthy treat for your dogs, owner approved of course! Click the pricing button below to get started now!

Litter Box Exchange

Never buy kitty litter again with our litter box exchange service. It’s quite simple. We provide you with the number of box(es) included in the monthly service you signed up for. We then stop by weekly or bi-weekly on your scheduled service day to exchange the clean for the dirties. There’s no need for us to ever enter your home, just place the lid on the box(es) and leave them in a predetermined area. The litter box(es) are then taken to our office where they are cleaned and disinfected with only non-toxic, eco-friendly solutions. We can always provide additional pre-filled litter boxes as extras to have on-hand. Click the pricing button below to get started now!

Curb Service Haul Away

Maybe you clean your own yard but don’t want the pet waste in your trash bins. Yep, we understand! We’ll provide you with a dedicated pet waste receptacle, and stop by as needed to pick up the waste and haul it away. Just make sure to bag up all pet waste before disposing of in receptacle. Then leave the receptacle out on your curb, or keep it in another predetermined area on your property for us to empty. Regular sanitization and deodorization of pet waste receptacle included with this service. Click the pricing button below to get started now!

The poop may be gone, but not the smells and stains sometimes left behind. That's why we offer additional services such as yard deodorization and pressure washing to keep your property looking and smelling it's best.

$150 minimum charge will be applied upfront to each job, then billed at $50/hour (this includes drive time). No job to big (or small). We can provide service for ANY situation deemed an emergency cleanup. This service doesn’t necessarily deal with dogs or poop only. We’ll clean up, disinfect and deodorize vomit and other animal-related fluids and/or excrement, regardless of animal species.

Commercial Services

Proprerties We Service
  • Pet-Friendly Workplaces
  • HOAs & Apartment Communities
  • Pet Hotels/Boarding Facilities
  • Pet Grooming Facilities
  • Dog Training Facilities
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Dog Parks
  • City/County Parks
  • Parties and Events
Why Choose Us?
  • No Contracts – Start/Cancel Service Anytime
  • Convenient Billing Options
  • Licensed, Insured & Bonded
  • Service Year-Round
  • Free Quotes/Estimates

Because each property is unique, initial consultations are needed and FREE estimates provided.


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