Frequent Questions

No. We can enter through a predetermined access point, such as a side gate. Just make sure you remember to leave the gate unlocked. We won't attempt to hop gates or fences.

Aside from the fact that there’ll be no poop in your yard, after each service we will leave a door hanger on either the front, rear or side door (whichever is easiest to access), notifying you of your pickup. On the back of the door hanger, we may leave a note if we see or notice anything out of the ordinary in regards to your pet(s) (for example stool irregularities, worms, etc.). Or, maybe we just wanna say "Hi." So check the back of those door hangers!

Of course. However, safety is first. If your dog is aggressive or not kind to strangers, we ask that you secure your dog on your scheduled service days. Bombs Away! employees will not attempt to enter a yard with an animal showing any signs of aggression. If an aggressive dog is left out, and/or the gate or predetermined access point is locked on the date/time of your scheduled service, you will be charged for that day. We will attempt to contact you and notify you of the situation, and try to return at a later time that same day if possible.

No. C’mon now, we live in California! We work year-round, rain or shine. In the event of serious or hazardous weather conditions, we will cancel services and reschedule when weather permits.

We work year-round except for all the major holidays: New Year's Day, Easter, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and, of course, National Dog Day. (Kidding. We work extra hard that day!) In the event your service day falls on a holiday listed above, we will do our best to provide service the following day or day prior to holiday. If that is not possible, then the amount of service days missed will be added to your account.

As much as your individual circumstances call for. We offer 1X, 2X, 3X and biweekly service. If that does not work for you, we may be able to increase frequency depending on your location.

No. We never require our customers to sign any contracts. Upon start of service, you will need to fill out a new customer intake form. But that's it!

We accept all forms of payment such as credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover), ApplePay, personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders and of course cash. (We are a green business, after all!) A $25 fee will be charged for all returned checks. Because your security is our concern, we’re always PCI compliant and able to accept credit cards with EMV chips.

We sure do! Prepayment of services for a minimum of 3 months will qualify you for a 5% discount. Additionally, seniors, veterans and disabled persons qualify for a 5% monthly discount as well. You cannot combine the discounts above. For example, if you are a senior who prepays for 6 months of service you will only get a 5% discount. For commercial clients, discounts may be provided with ongoing service contracts.

While we never anticipate emergencies, we always want to make sure we’re prepared. In the event of any emergency, we will call the primary number we have on file for the account. Please share new contact info in order for us to keep our systems updated. Depending on the type of emergency, 911 may be called first.

You have an option to pay via invoice or automated billing. If you choose to pay via invoice, invoices are sent (emailed) on the 5th of each month and are due by the 25th for the following month's service. If you choose automated billing, funds will be transferred from your account on the same day (the day you signed up) each month. Payment is always required prior to service, or on service start date.

If for any reason you decide to cancel your service, just call us at 669.200.1630 or 800.285.POOP (7667) to let us know. You can start/stop service anytime. However, we'd appreciate at least a 24-hour advance notice if possible.